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Windbreak Mesh GREEN 1m x 30m 8063

Windbreak Mesh GREEN 1m x 30m 8063 - 8063


Product Description

1m x 30m Green plastic windbreak fencing mesh.

High strength extruded HDPE mesh for use as a windbreak or general purpose mesh. Erected by battening to wooden fence posts. UV Stabilised. Mesh Hole Size 8mm x 6mm.

Boddingtons Australia's Windbreak plastic fencing mesh is manufactured from a HDPE plastic and is designed to reduced wind speeds by dissipating the winds energy. Windbreak mesh netting offers protection for gardens, crops, plants, nurseries and animals breeding areas on farms from strong winds. Windbreak mesh should be installed so that the forces exerted onto the mesh from the winds do not break the individual mesh strands where they are fixed - we therefore suggest that all fencing should be battened to wooded posts. Battening should also be used when using the wind break netting in frames or on the side of farm buildings.

• Manufactured from HDPE
• Windbreak meshes are UV stabilised 
• Windbreak mesh is available in 1m or 2m heights

Boddingtons extruded plastic diamond structure windbreak fences offer good wind speed reduction, allowing sufficient air through and can be simply fixed on to a frame.

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