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CableProtect Multi - Rubberised cable protection - 41183

CableProtect Multi - Rubberised cable protection - 41183 - 41183


Product Description

Rubber Cable protection profiles to protect loose leads and cables. The MULTI profile cable cover is ideal for multiple leads. Hole size of 30mm x 10mm. The profile size 80mmx14mmx3m

Suitable for:

Installation tips:

Cableprotect is a flexible high strength vinyl rubber cable protector and prevents accidents caused by trailing cables and leads in offices and factories. Loose cables can be securely retained in the gentle sloping flexible cable protect.

  • Easily installed, simply unrolled and cut to desired length
  • Cables and leads can be pulled through the bore hole, or the Cableprotect can be slit at the base with a sharp knife so the cables can be inserted quickly 
  • Other sizes are available up to 50mm bore hole size.

Cableprotect is a rubber profile for protecting cables in and around offices, warehouses, shops and showrooms and walkways.



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